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(warning) because past data may disappear by this upgrading, please go after taking the backup by all means.
This application is the revival version of the "Daimokuhyo" application. It upgraded innovatively and appeared.
I used the good beautiful font of visibility for the character, and adopted the Flatt design. I made the simple button design that a 6-year-old child could operate and renovated an interface. Furthermore, I add a tutorial. The first user also enabled it to use it immediately.
All people have infinite ability to grant ones hope. You will challenge chanting daimoku for the big win of the life every day. This application supports your chanting daimoku until you achieve an aim by kanji painting tool. As characteristics ---
1. This application promotes determination by filling it out by oneself with a clear aim as a sentence and clarifies it.
2. You can control yourself in numbers, such as a challenge period, the remaining period, and an achievement ratio.
3. "Kanji - calligraphy" is starting a boom also in Europe and America now. The percent complete to goal achievement is visually realizable by kanji painting.
4. Old-fashioned "kanji painting" becomes image training by playing together with music.
5. With the timer tool which can carry out a stepless setup of the title speed, you can challenge daily chanting daimoku, enjoying that number of acquisition daimoku increases.
This application is a personal thing and cannot guarantee all about a lawful act, accuracy, morality, currentness, an adequacy, the contents including consent and having copyright or not.